You could wear contact lenses.

People are always surprised at how comfortable contact lenses are. 
We are happy to talk to you about fitting contact lenses, whether you are a first time wearer or if you have worn them in the past. 
Every year there are new advances with contact lens materials and solutions. 
We keep up with these changes and pass our knowledge onto you.

CapitalEyes Optometrists wear contacts themselves, so they know what it’s like, and can help you also be a successful contact lens wearer.

Talk to us about contacts

Book a free 10 minute discussion appointment with an optometrist at CapitalEyes to find out more about contact lenses for you. 
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Keep your eyes clear and healthy

Keep your eyes clear and healthy

Frequently asked questions

Which type of lens is best for me?

This depends on your prescription, whether you want every day wear, or just occasionally, and what activities they are to be used for. We offer a free 10 minute discussion with an optometrist to help answer this and other questions.

What are the easiest contact lenses?

Daily disposable contact lenses are the no-hassle option. Each wear you open a new packet of contacts, and then they are thrown away at the end of the day. No cleaning or disinfecting, nor worries about torn or damaged lenses. We recommend these for kids, travelling, occasional lens wearers or people who just want the easiest option. You’ll be surprised at the value of these at less than $2 a day for a pair of lenses.

Can kids wear contacts?

Yes! If the child is keen for contacts, then so are we. They are great for active kids – from rugby to dancing, there are times when it just doesn’t work to wear your glasses. We teach kids all they need to know to be able to handle their own contacts – with Mum or Dad alongside. We don’t set an age, but rather, if the parents think the kids are able, then they are usually great with contacts.

How much do they cost?

There are three areas of costs for new wearers – the professional fees for the visits, the contact lenses and the solutions.
The fees vary depending on the complexity of the lens type you need. For a new wearer, after an initial consultation, the standard disposable contact lens fitting, our fees are $199 for the visits in the first 2 months. This charge covers the various trial lenses we need to find the perfect fit for your eyes, and also your starter pack of solutions.

Ordering your contacts

The actual lens costs vary depending on what type of lens is required – and there are dozens of different lenses available, but for full-time wear in monthly contacts you have lenses for $1 a day, or daily disposables $2 a day. Our prices are competitive, with a saving of 30% when you order a years supply at a time.

Your year’s supply of contacts can even be paid off over the year with our Ezypay system – You choose if weekly, fortnightly or monthly payments. 

We even offer a free courier service so won’t have to worry about making time to collect them.

Save $$ on your solutions

When your contacts are supplied from CapitalEyes, you’ll receive a saving of 20% on all your contact lens solutions at CapitalEyes.