At CapitalEyes we have comprehensive consultations for all our clients. 
We take the time to listen to you and explain your vision care options.
Not everyone needs glasses and we can treat most red eye problems.
We also love seeing kids.

Kevin O'Connor using the retinal camera

Kevin O'Connor using the retinal camera

Comprehensive Consultation

A comprehensive eye consultation takes time. We will check your vision and eye health, then discuss the results and recommendations with you. If you haven’t been to CapitalEyes before, we allow an hour for your first visit.

Understanding about your eyes and vision, and knowing your options is important. Not everyone needs glasses and we will make sure you are correctly informed about our findings.



We love kids

We love kids

We love Kids

We love kids, and know that younger children need an assessment tailored to them and their attention span. When booking children, our team will look forward to meeting your child and helping them enjoy the experience of having their eyes checked.





Tailored to you

Our consultations are tailored differently depending on what you need. So please advise our team when booking if you:

  • Have a sore or red eye and need an urgent appointment

  • Wear contact lenses

  • Are a Police recruit

  • Have recently had laser eye surgery

  • Have recently had recent cataract surgery

  • Might need assistance for your wheelchair or walker