Visique are Kiwi – owned optometrists, providing quality and value in eyecare and eyewear.
It is difficult to give exact costs for individuals, but we hope the information about consultation fees, glasses, contact lenses, insurance claims and subsides available is helpful to you.

Consultation fees

At CapitalEyes consultation fees range from $89 to $99, depending upon the type of consultation required and our team will confirm this cost when you book an appointment. Contact lens wearers require annual review consultations and these cost $49. Further charges apply if you require followup visits or if extra testing is required. 

If you require a vision test for your driver’s licence, we offer a short vision screening appointment for $50, and if you require a full consultation to complete the testing, then we will just charge you the balance of our standard consultation fee for this continuation appointment.

Southern Cross

If your health insurance policy covers your optometric consultations and contributes to your glasses or contact lenses, we can assist by processing this directly on your behalf. Our staff can easily check for you, and often people are surprised what is covered with their health insurance!

Gold Card discount of 20% off frames

Gold Card discount of 20% off frames

Gold Card

Over 65 with your Gold Card, save 20% on your new frame.  We provide friendly local service tailored to you.

Subsidies available


  • Enable for children aged 15 and under for those with a family holding a Community Services Card – our team can help you with the paper work.

  • Contact lens wearers with keratoconus or high prescriptions are eligible for a subsidy from the DHB – if you are eligible we apply for this on your behalf.

  • Gold Card holders save 20% on new frames.

  • Visique are MSD preferred suppliers, so WINZ clients can arrange an MSD payment card for their eye exam and glasses at CapitalEyes.



If you need glasses most people choose our tailored for you option of frames and lenses selected to give you the perfect glasses. Our standard single vision lenses are from $150 and progressive lenses from $350. We have other value offers of.

  • choose a frame from our $99 end of line range of top quality frames if you are after a bargain.

  • save 30% on your second pair when ordered together

  • stylish frames with our same quality lenses as a package from $249 for kids and $299 for adults

  • our budget option of complete glasses from $99

  • prescription sunglasses from $299 for frames and lenses

  • Super Gold Card holders save 20% off your new sepectacle frame (discount cannot be used in conjunction with other offers).

Our glasses are provided with a complimentary case, spray cleaner and micro-fibre cleaning cloth (additional cost if you choose the $99 complete option).

Contact lenses

As your optometrist when we have already confirmed the prescription for your contact lenses, so we are the experts who are perfectly placed to provide your contact lens supplies. You’ll save 30% on your contact lenses when you order a 12 month supply, and if you can’t quite stretch to the year’s supply, then 6 months of lenses will still save you 20%.

The actual lens costs vary depending on what type of lens is required – and there are dozens of different lenses available, but for full-time wear in monthly contacts you have lenses for $1 a day, or daily disposables $2 a day. Our prices are competitive, with a saving of 30% when you order a year’s supply at a time, and 20% off the cost of the contact lens cleaning and disinfecting solutions.

For new contact lens wearers there are three areas of costs for new wearers – the professional fees for the visits, the contact lenses and the solutions.
The fees vary depending on the complexity of the lens type you need. For a new wearer, after an initial consultation, the standard disposable contact lens fitting, our fees are $199 for the visits in the first 2 months.

Insurance claims

If you have lost or broken your glasses and have household contents insurance that covers your glasses, our Visique processes can make the process much easier for you. Most insurance claims we can assist with on your behalf, and we will urgently process your new glasses so that you can get back to how you were.